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ABC Visual System is fully tailored and customized with simple and easy to use software of your business.

Touchscreen Systems

behind the glass Interactive Touchscreen

touchscreen product image
Special through glass sensitive film that is applied to inside of glass, leaving only glass to be accessible from outside the shopfront, thus having a vandal proof frontage. Works through glass up to 20mm thick, acrylic.

Custom Sizes

Different sizes are available from 32" to 80"

Touch Options

Single or Multi options and fully customized software solutions

Durable Touch Sensors

Withstands millions of touches a day, behind the glass ensuring that all components are safely concealed and protected

Indoor or Outdoor

Perfect for outdoor designs, UV protection for LCDs, works when wet and with gloved hands

Fully tailored and customized front end software

Window Projector Systems

advertising made easy

touchscreen product image

High Brightness

Very high lumens projector producing 7000+ Lumens brightness

Viewable from a distance

Bright and large size the screens makes it easy to be viewed from a distance

Wide viewing Angle

180° using window projector flim

Custom Size

Customizable size from 1.4m wide to over 4m wide display


Low security risk as no expensive hardware is visible

Branded Content

Software content is tailored and branded to maintain corporate style

Local Support

Our software is all locally designed and programmed with local support

Portal Integration

Content is derived from your existing property data provider, there is no need to upload separately into ABC Visual system.

Rich Media

Display banner advertisement, local weather data, agent profile pages including video

Audio Integration

Directional audio with SmartVolume technology

Incredible Smart Audio System

advertising made easy

touchscreen product image

An all in one amplifier/computer system directional speaker automatically adjusts its volume output with the built in SmartVolume technology ensuring audio is never too loud or soft. It’s like having a full-time employee controlling the volume.

The sound has directional dispersion, this means standing in front of the speaker gives the clearest and most audible sound, whilst standing to the side the audio is greatly diminished.

Audio and windows projector system coupled together with controller creates an eye catching large display that sets your location apart from the competition.


The format and style of the front end is fully tailored to match your corporate colours and image. The content is able to run in zero maintenance mode, or at most very simple turn off/on properties to be displayed as all property data is automatically loaded from your current website data provider thus not having to upload property data and photos multiple times, it’s as easy as ABC.

Property location map is displayed as well as other properties in area.

Once the screen is touched, a default easy to follow property list appears.

Other properties in area may be viewed and selected.

Easy to follow criteria may be entered.

Once a property is selected more detailed information is shown with location map as well as opportunity for customer to enter information for the agent to make contact.

No activity timeout will automatically cycle through properties and/or advertisement when the touch screen is not in use after 60 seconds.

All software is developed in house and tailored to your needs to maintain branding and corporate appearance. Mounting hardware is also designed and manufactured in house, to provide a pleasing and matching blend into premises, colour options are available as well as stainless steel mounting.

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